Our Scooters

Scooters 50cc

Kymco Agility 50cc

Kymco Agility

Peugeot tweet 50cc

Peugeot Tweet

The scooters are limited to the city of Barcelona

Scooters 125cc

SUZUKI Address 125cc

Suzuki Address

Peugeot Tweet 125cc

Peugeot Tweet


Kymco Agility

The scooters 125cc are more convenient for 2 people.

Their use is limited to the city of Barcelona.

Scooters 125cc PREMIUM

Honda PCX

Honda PCX

kymco k-xct 125cc

Kymco k-xct

These scooters are a range upward.

Scooters 250cc

(Español) Modelo SYM 250cc


suzuki burgman 250cc

Suzuki Burgman

yamaha-tmax 250CC

Yamaha X-Max

peugeot satelis 250cc

Peugeot Satelis

The scooters 250cc to enjoy the surroundings of Barcelona.

Scooters 500cc

(Español) Scooter 500cc Yamaha T-Max

Yamaha T-Max

To enjoy Cataluña.

Scooters 600cc

BMW C 600 Sport

BMW C-Sport

To enjoy Cataluña.