20 Jun 10 orders to rent a scooter in Barcelona !


Having a car is good, having a scooter is better! You don’t believe me? So I let you discover our 10 orders to rent a scooter in Barcelona!

 Consuming little fuel, your budget will appreciate

You spent all your money at a nightclub last night and your scooter’s out of gas? 5€ is what you need to refuel! And believe me, it’s your banker who will thank you!

 A parking, always you will find

Turn for hours to find a place to park, impossible in Barcelona, you have parking everywhere! Car parks, sidewalks, roadways everything is available!

With Barcelona Moto Rent, you will feel like a local

You want to strut around town without being taken for a tourist? You want to feel Spanish and not just by eating tapas and drinking sangrias? Don’t worry Barcelona Moto Rent is there for you! Thanks to us you will blend in with the masses, and become a real Barcelona native!

  Tan while looking at the landscape, you will be able to

The tanned complexion, hair in the winds, a landscape worthy of the most beautiful postcards that ask for more?

Discover the most beautiful places in Barcelona while finishing your tan in your car.

 Walk around, you’ll do

Cross Barcelona long, wide and across, no limit, Barcelona belongs to you! You can go wherever the wind takes you and everything will be fine.

 To have a natural air conditioning, you will have

While some are dying of heat in their car, you will have air at will aboard your car.

 The traffic jams, thou shalt avoid

When you see all those cars stop because of traffic, and you just have to zigzag between them to sneak in and get to the top. You’ll never be late for an appointment, no need to get up at dawn to be on time. Life is much better with a scooter.

 As in Daryl Dixon, you will feel

Have you always dreamed of riding your bike and fighting zombies like Daryl in The Walking Dead?

Now it’s possible, well maybe not zombies but it’s almost the same!

 In 10 minutes you will know how to drive it

When you were 16 you learned to ride a scooter and you want to relive your youth in Barcelona? One explanation and off we go for miles! It’s like riding a bike you never forget!

 Overcrowded, thou shalt not be

You don’t have to carry 50,000 things, just a backpack, and when you go to the beach, just leave everything in your trunk and everything is safe!



Convinced? Don’t hesitate to stop by the store or book online, we’re fun too!

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