18 Jul Driving in Spain when you are a foreigner

Scooter travel in Barcelona is the easiest and most convenient. Before renting a scooter, it is best to make sure you meet all the requirements. Indeed, in the event of control by the police, it is necessary to be in the rules in order not to have to pay fines. The first thing is to follow the Highway Code correctly, the second is to have a valid driving license in Spain.


First of all, you must be at least 18 years old to rent a scooter and a valid driver’s license.

Thereafter, several small differences are present depending on the country of residence.





“I live in a European country”


If you live in a European country, you do not need an international permit. Your national driving license is perfectly sufficient to rent a scooter in Barcelona.


“I live in a country outside Europe”


If you live in a country outside Europe that has no agreements with Spain. Then you need an international permit to rent a scooter in Barcelona.

You can get it in embassies or prefectures.

Remember to do it in advance in order to receive it before your departure for Spain! Indeed, it may take some time to receive it.

Without it it is impossible for you to drive in Barcelona.


“I do not live in Europe but my country has an agreement with Spain”


If you live in a country with an agreement with Spain, then you will only need your driving license from your country.

Below you will find a complete list of countries with agreements with Spain:


 Argentina   Algeria          Bolivia       Brazil


 Chile             Colombia    Ecuador      Philippine


 Guatemala  Macedonia   Nicaragua   Panama


 Paraguay     Peru               Venezuela   Uruguay


Serbia            Tunisia            Turkey         Ukraine


El Salvador Morocco         Dominican Republic



Once all the criteria are met, just one more thing to do, book your scooter online and enjoy the city of Barcelona!

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