23 Jul Reasons to rent a scooter in Barcelona


 If you want to discover the well-known Sagrada Familia, the Gothic Quarter or the numerous Gaudi’s famous architecture you will be forced to travel for miles, so why don’t you rent a scooter?
Indeed, if you really want to enjoy this beautiful city, the scooter seems to be one of the best means of transportation, but why?

Rapid familiarization

Easy-to-use, the scooter allows for rapid familiarization, it can be used by both beginners (some experience is still needed) and experts. The only requirements are to be 18 and to have a driving license. Concerning the renting of a scooter 125cc, you need to have your driving license for at least 3 years.

NB: If you are not European or from Latin America, do not forget to bring an INTERNATIONAL driving license.

The fact that scooters use automatic transmissions is a great feature in such a big city where speed changes are very common. Thus, your only concerns will be the driving and pay attention to your surroundings.

Storage spaces

Another advantage of scooters is the different storage spaces. You can store your things under the seat or add a top case for even more space. Having a lockable storage compartment is an asset since you won’t have to carry your helmets wherever you go.

Faster than public transport

Scooters appear to be a good alternative to public transport since they are more comfortable than bus or metro. Moreover, they allow you to go to places hard to reach by four-wheeled vehicles in record time. This is a good point when you just have a few days to discover Barcelona.

Beat the Traffic

Finally, scooter renting is a good way to avoid heavy traffic in big cities such as Barcelona. Indeed, you will be able to sneak between cars and you won’t have to worry about parking! Thanks to this, you will save a lot of time to visit the city.

So, if you want to make a relaxing ride while enjoying the sun and Barcelona’s streets design, the scooter is literally made for you. From now on, you can book your scooter online.


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